lloyd deffenbaugh

Lloyd Henry Deffenbaugh


On Saturday morning Lloyd Deffenbaugh joined his maker after 102 years and 37 days. He was surrounded by those he loved most, his children and their spouses. He was the kindest, most remarkable person you may have ever met. He had a magnetic spirit, great sense of humor and kind heart. Strangers would come up to talk and ask for advice in the middle of restaurants. Born in IL, he was recruited off of Chicago’s State St., when asked if he wanted to go to Texas for the mounted cavalry, he said he’d seen horses his whole life and wanted to try something different. He joined the Army Air Corps at age 20. Attending basic training in Self Ridge Field in Michigan where he tricked his future wife into attending a birthday party in May so he could see her when his birthday was August. He served during the WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars in Administrative Intelligence and worked for NATO while stationed in Italy. He also supervised training of one of the first African American squadrons during WWII. He was awarded the first European E9 and retired as a Chief Master Sergeant. He loved dancing, humming, reading the paper, watching sports, daily weather reports, rhubarb pies, and micro beer. He had piercing blue eyes, and a receding hairline which has been passed down 5 generations. He was a true patriot, loved his country and family more than anything. A staunch democrat all his life, open minded and liberal later in life. He will be greeted by his wife Esther, his mother, father, Sharon, Penny, Peggy, Bud, Mike, Vic, Annie, Phyllis, Mid, Eleanor and all who proceeded him in death. It is a difficult time for America in many ways but if you have time, please have a beer for Lloyd and do something you love, he’d rather be celebrated rather than mourned. He will be interned at the national cemetery in Riverside on September 29th. The family asks that donations be given to the Veterans of Foreign Wars to help service families.

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